i-mate’s JAQ3: thinnest Pocket PC phone

Imate_jaq3Darned if this doesn’t look like a Smartphone Edition device to me, but nope, it’s a super-thin Pocket PC Phone Edition device, complete with the required touchscreen. The i-mate JAQ3 is finding its way into some enthusiast hands and Matt Miller provides a solid overview after using the JAQ3 for 3 hours.

Matt writes up the immediate benefits of this device running the Pocket PC Phone Edition OS over Smartphone: "As a power user I generally prefer the Phone Edition variant of Windows Mobile over the Smartphone implementation because it allows me to use all my favorite Pocket PC applications like Office Mobile, Laridian PocketBible, Agenda Fusion, and more. Many people also prefer the touch screen interface on Phone Edition models."

I’m sure there will be more to follow as there just might be a JAQ3 floating around the jkOTR labs this very second; in the meantime, get the rest of Matt’s impressions here.