Hump Day Video: NFL Raps


We stumbled across YouTubed copies of some professional football raps from the ’80s last night. If you’re old enough to remember them, it’s a blast from the past. If you’re young enough to be totally shocked, believe me, it’s still worth it.

The Bears, so far, haven’t marked their proximity to qualifying for the Super Bowl by releasing a music video, though the Super Bowl Shuffle didn’t jinx them the last time around. Then again, it was fully 21 years ago that the song sold 2 million copies. All the details you’d ever want (a Grammy nomination!?!) are at Except for, of course, what the hell they were thinking.

Also in the lineup is “We are the Niners“:

Paul reminds us not to forget the rap from Mike Ditka (who’s been seen around YouTube for other reasons lately):

Wow. Just…wow.


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