Hugo joins the ‘UMPC as a primary computer’ club!


Hugo_umpc Finally, I feel vindicated! Hugo Ortega pinged me a short while ago and wondered what I thought of his most recent video series he just put together. Hugo has ditched his standard-sized Tablet PC and chose the Samsung Q1 as his primary, everyday computing device; he’s used his Q1 in this scenario for roughly four weeks. Folks thought I was near crazy to ditch my Toshiba M205 back in May of last year in favor a Q1 UMPC for everyday computing, but I survived….well….except for the recent incident that put Sammy in a coma and brought Samantha into my life.

Hugo does an awesome job in three short videos explaining what I’ve tried to show over the past eight months or so: depending on your computing needs, you can work quite effectively with a mobile handheld device! The Samsung Organizer Pack and USB keyboard are Hugo’s preferred accessories; for me, the ThinkOutside Sierra Bluetooth keyboard works just fine. I also use a phone for my wireless Internet connection, but unlike Hugo who chooses a 115 kbps Bluetooth connection, I tend to work better using a USB cable where I can attain a throughput of around 1 Mbps.

Regardless of choices and accessories, these three videos that Hugo did illustrate the mobile power far better than any words I can write. Now that I’ve finally seen the videos, I say "Well done Hugo and welcome to the full-time UMPC club!" Hey, we just doubled our membership! ;)


Don't Panic!

3:) The Q1 has a firm screen, The best way to protect it is to make sure your stylus isn’t dirty. As a mobile device the Q1 reminds me of The Casseopia E-125 PPC. That screen is tough!

Don't Panic!

1.)The Q1 closed in the organizer with the keyboard is 2.25 inches thick at the thickest point which is where the magnetic closure is. Everywhere else it’s 2 inches thick.

2.)The Q1 organizer case is primarily designed for flat surfaces. You could use it in your lap but you’d need something to lean it on. As an example in my colleges admin section I had to wait outside an office in a straight-backed chair. I used my coat as a brace to lean the Q1 in the organizer on for a good viewing angle.


John in Norway

I admire you people who are able to do this. I presently have 5 machines that I use on a regular basis. My goal is to get it down to 3 devices but I’ve had no luck so far.

I have 1 PC in my lounge as a media centre.

I have a desktop PC for video, images, wife usage and downloading all the good tv series that we don’t get here (that’s most of them).

I then have 3 mobile devices that each have a particular piece of hardware that makes doing certain things easier. I’m waiting eagerly for some reviews of the new OQO 2 because in theory this has everything I need in the one device (except a screen that opens out!). Here’s hoping!

Hugo Ortega

Hey K.C.T

Looks like we really started something! The UMPC-as-only-device crew. I love the thread on the forum too, great idea.

Tax Man

Hey, I’m Q1 as my everyday computer guy too (except I do have that MacBook…) I even do QuickBooks and tax returns on my Q1! I hook it up to a 19″ LCD is that cheating?


I used a Sony U70 as my only PC for over a year. It is much easier to do with a slate Tablet PC than you think.


I’m extremely intrigued by this, even if I would never give up my desktop and lose power/expandability.

But I do have a few questions:
1) How thick is the Q1 in the organizer with a keyboard?
2) Can you use the Q1 in the organizer like a laptop? … I mean by typing on your lap and comfortably seeing the display?
3) How do you protect it when it’s a slate? Shouldn’t it have a plastic flip cover like the old Sony Clies used to have?

Also, did I hear wrong, or did Hugo start out the intro talking about how he didn’t keep using the UMPC as his primary, and he would explain more in a later post? Maybe I misheard…

Mickey Segal

I switched last month to using a Motion LS800 as my primary computer, but it has a dock with a 22 inch monitor, mouse, keyboard, Webcam, CD/DVD drive and so forth so I am not making compromises.

It is great to have a tiny tablet while mobile, but there are times I want to enter a lot of text or have two large documents open side by side on the monitor, and do so without switching back and forth between two different computers.

To me it seems like a docked small Tablet gives you the best of both worlds. Motion CEO Scott Eckert uses an LS800 as his primary computer. Is that true of the leadership of any of the UMPC companies?

Carlos Lopez


guess what?

I just adopted a brand new ASUS R2H as a primary and only computer.

Would be a great oidea to form a group (for real)




[clears throat] Unless you are excluding the softer sex from this club, you’ve only increased it by 50%.

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