Hugo joins the ‘UMPC as a primary computer’ club!

Hugo_umpc Finally, I feel vindicated! Hugo Ortega pinged me a short while ago and wondered what I thought of his most recent video series he just put together. Hugo has ditched his standard-sized Tablet PC and chose the Samsung Q1 as his primary, everyday computing device; he’s used his Q1 in this scenario for roughly four weeks. Folks thought I was near crazy to ditch my Toshiba M205 back in May of last year in favor a Q1 UMPC for everyday computing, but I survived….well….except for the recent incident that put Sammy in a coma and brought Samantha into my life.

Hugo does an awesome job in three short videos explaining what I’ve tried to show over the past eight months or so: depending on your computing needs, you can work quite effectively with a mobile handheld device! The Samsung Organizer Pack and USB keyboard are Hugo’s preferred accessories; for me, the ThinkOutside Sierra Bluetooth keyboard works just fine. I also use a phone for my wireless Internet connection, but unlike Hugo who chooses a 115 kbps Bluetooth connection, I tend to work better using a USB cable where I can attain a throughput of around 1 Mbps.

Regardless of choices and accessories, these three videos that Hugo did illustrate the mobile power far better than any words I can write. Now that I’ve finally seen the videos, I say "Well done Hugo and welcome to the full-time UMPC club!" Hey, we just doubled our membership! ;)


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