Hide the children- the crapware is back!


Tx1000_main_1While I was chatting with Dwight Silverman (Houston Chronicle) last week in Vegas he mentioned that HP promised to send him an evaluation Pavilion tx1000 Tablet PC.  The HP Pavilion tx1000 is the convertible launched at the CES last week and Dwight said he was looking forward to giving it a whirl.  SInce then he’s gotten one in his hot little hands and I’m not so sure he’s still excited about it.  It seems that HP has infested the tx1000 with crapware, or craplets as Dwight calls them.  Not just a few, either, Dwight says there are 15 icons on the desktop and only one is Windows Vista related (Recycle Bin),  Sheesh, when will OEMs ever learn?  I’ve been complaining about crapware for years and it just won’t stop.  Come on, HP, get your act together.

As is the case with Pavilions in general, it’s chock full o’ junkware. There are 15 icons on the desktop at bootup, only one of which is a Windows system item — the Recycle Bin. Most are links to trialware or marketing come-ons.

There are quite a few applications that launch at bootup, including one that had me swearing under my breath. Sliding onto the desktop from the right edge of the screen is a nag window, urging you to activate the notebooks’ trial version of Norton Internet Security. Until you do, it pops up every few minutes . . . ssllooowwwwllllyyyy expanding, like something creepy sneaking into the room. There’s a Close link on it, but nothing that lets you tell it, "Quit bothering me, dammit!"


G. Scott Taulbee

I recently picked up a Fujitsu P1610. It came with NOTHING but the drivers and system applications. Each was hidden away nicely. The only one I got rid of was the driver update utility.

This is the first PC I didn’t reformat as a master of first order. Nice!

Dave Gray

Keith, you’re absolutely right. And, it’s still no excuse. I remember when I bought one of my first laptops back in ’96. A Compaq…I was stoked. Then, I got it home and fired it up. You wanna talk about crapware? But, you know, even back then I remember thinking, “this is a major pain in the ass”. I guess some things never change…even with a merger.

Obviously, what boils the blood of what I like to think are more intelligent users, it hasn’t prevented the crappers from making millions. So, hey, more power to ’em. Meanwhile, I’m lovin’ my Fuji 1610, baby…clean, clean, clean.

Ah, hell, it’s really just a new user experience issue. If they can get away with it and make some extra bank, uh, they will.


They’ll keep putting it on as long as they keep getting paid for it and the people that are annoyed by it know how to take it off. The average consumer probably doesn’t know/care and seems to save everything on the desktop anyway.

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