Eight minutes with the Pepper Pad 3: Gotta Be Mobile Inkshow

Gbm_pepper_pad_3James and I swung by the Pepper booth at CES, but only brought still cameras. Luckily the Gotta Be Mobile team had their roving reporter crew armed and dangerous with a video cam! Rob Bushway spends about eight minutes with the Pepper Pad 3 and OLPC devices and a few aspects are worth a note in the video:

  • The scroll button that I loved on the Pepper Pad 3 gets a nice cameo; you can really see the usability.
  • When you first see the device, it almost seems "toy-like"; but when you get a few minutes with it, you find it’s quite capable.
  • I noticed the IR port atop the device when I saw it; in the video, the Pepper rep indicated it can be used to control home audio / video devices. My assumption now is that the IR is consumer-grade and capable of reaching across a room; nice!

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