EA Jumps Into Live Arcade

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Casual games have great appeal, and few companies do it better than Pogo. Pogo Games, an Electronic Arts owned company, is one of the most visited sites by broadband users and accounts for quite a bit of casual gaming traffic. Using a Pogo design, EA and Bizarre Creations plan on making a casual hit for the XBox Live Arcade.

Boom Boom Rocket, a rhthyhm game conceived by the Pogo casual games design team and developed by Bizarre Creations, represents Electronic Arts first forray into the world of XBox Live Arcade. Though this is their first game to go directly into the Live Arcade, EA is no stranger to Microsoft’s download services, as it offers extras for a large portion of its titles for download through the XBox 360’s Marketplace. Chip Lange, EA VP, said this of the project:

“This is a perfect time to bring such a unique and custom-built arcade game to Xbox Live Arcade gamers. We’ve crafted Boom Boom Rocket to offer an intensely fun entertainment experience for the thriving community of hard core and casual gamers alike on Xbox Live Arcade. It’s only natural that our launch title comes from the Pogo team, given their remarkable success with casual games.”

This will mark the second forray into the XBox Live Arcade for Bizarre Creations, developers of the Project Gotham Racing series, as they released Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved around the same time as the XBox 360 launched. “Our teams love both working and playing on Xbox Live Arcade, and we’re looking forward to releasing another innovative title on this platform with Boom Boom Rocket,” said Martyn Chudley, managing director of Bizarre Creations. Expect to see more large companies developing casual games for release on the XBox 360, PS3 and Wii in the near future.

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