CrashPlan, a good offsite data backup option


Do you have a solution for data backup? Maybe an external USB hard drive? Or Monthly burns to CD or DVD? As backups go, these might be sufficient for the regular home computer user, but as a webworker we might want to think about an offsite solution. Although sometimes very costly, offsite backups provide a high level of security, and provide proper storage for digital materials in case of hard drive failures, fire, and theft.

I was recently introduced to a company called CrashPlan, which offers automatic offsite backup, and computer backup solutions. When setting up a new account with CrashPlan, it is automatically configured to backup documents to the CrashPlan Central, which is their main data center. This service is free for your first 30 days, than requires a license ranging from $19.99 to $59.99 depending on the feature set you choose. No monthly fees are involved, which is great bonus.

The CrashPlan system also allows for computer back up. This is a free service that allows you to transfer unlimited data between two computers with desktop applications for PC, Mac and Linux users. An extremely handy solution when you switch between two computers throughout the day, like a laptop, and desktop.

The backup transfer service will also work between a Mac and a PC. What if you happen to have the biggest computer hard drive on the block and feel like letting neighbors and friends store backup data on your hard drive? You can allow them access to a certain area on your hard drive, with a designated amount of storage space for each person. This can all be done through an online remote management system.

If you don’t have a data backup plan in place, you should seriously think about it.  As an alternative you can look into Bingo Disk, who offers a disk failure solution as well as data storage with access from anywhere starting at $49/month. Dell also announced at CES that they will start offering online data migration and backup services.



I recently discovered a company called Zoogmo whose application is similar to Crashplan but totally free! They are in beta and still adding features but it is a great solution for basic backup. I have invited 3 friends and we are all happy with the results.

Check it out at

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yea i really like mozy… ive been using them for almost a year now and havent really ever had any major problems. they seem pretty cheap to me as well


just to add few more info…trying the software now to check the GUI and it says “CrashPlan authority is unavailable at, try again later”… not a good start for a data recovery solution ;-)


I really like the idea of crashplan, however:
* The company is still relatively new and I am afraid the company is more interested in CashPlan
* A lot of the features I’d want are still on the To Do list!
* The price is per year not release, which shows the product is still new

It seems to me that I will end up paying another 60$ at the end of the year, just for the software (no hard-drive, no online backup storage)!
If I have to spend 60$, then I might as well spend less (50$) for Carbonite or Mozy and get top notch software and unlimited remote backup.

I think the software should be ridiculosy cheap and they should get the money from other things like selling harddrives or their online storage…
As far as I’m concerned, I’ll keep ftping a backup of my files to my webhost…

I just checked out like cheli suggested. i spoke to a rep over there, he was a nice guy he said though that the official launch is first week of october. he explained to me their system.. i have spoken to a few of the other competitors and was really blown away by this guy.. he knew his system cold and had all the answers, he said they have redundant servers, client side encryption high compression and in delta technology allowing fast backups. he signed me up as a beta user and gave me a disocount fir when they go live in october 07.


It is sometimes difficult to compare these services as they are presented differently. Make sure it encrypts your data, and gives you the space you need. Also the restore function needs to be easy and instant. Does you no good to store data on a free or inexpensive site if you cannot restore instantly. I have looked at many and seems to cover the bases at a reasonable price. There are others like the response up top that mentioned datadepsitbox, I’m sure they are ok too although I would have to do more research. Just wanted to cast my vote and give some more insite. Thanks for the blog.

Matthew Dornquast

The cool thing about CrashPlan is there are no monthly fees, your data is more secure, and you can get it back faster than a central provider like allmydata!

So while they both offer off-site backup, CrashPlan is significantly different in it’s approach.


I have found Data Deposit Box to be quite helpful for me ( Off-site is the way to go for disaster recovery.

Great tips, keep up the good work!

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