Apple says ‘Stay Tuned’ for iLife update


During Apple’s conference call today to discuss financial results for First Quarter 2007, one of the analysts asked about the absence of an iLife update during Macworld.

After being reminded that Apple does not comment on its future plans and products, he was told “but stay tuned.”



Yeah Im with Nick. I want a macbook too but dont want to miss out on getting leopard and 07 because it came out a week after I got my book. Is there any indication anywhere that might give us any kind of timeline?


when do people think leopard will be release?? I will have enough funds to purchase a macbook in march. I dont want to buy one with toger than a week later leopard is released. Dam I hate this waiting!!


It’s as simple as the fact that the next iLife update will rely heavily on Leopard technology (Core Animation, for example). Releasing them simultaneously is the logical thing to do.

Same goes for iWork.

Dave M.

I can’t see iLife and iWork coming out before Leopard. I get a feeling that the two iPrograms are going to use a lot of Leopard. Man, I really want Leopard!

I was really hoping that Apple would release it at MacWorld. Ah well…

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