Windows SideShow in a bag, courtesy of Eleksen



I wish I had seen this at CES last week. Eleksen, the folks that make the fabric keyboard / case for UMPCs, have a gadget bag with Windows SideShow support according to Laptoping. Since your device is in the bag, shouldn’t that be ‘Shouldertoping’? Ah….I digress….

The Eleksen Wearable Display Module (WDM) bag will offer nearly 2.5-inches of Windows SideShow antics with seven hardware buttons and a Gigabyte of memory when it hits shoulders later this month. It’s actually a great idea and unique to the other SideShow displays we’ve seen integrated in hardware so far. Think about: without removing your device from the bag, you might see e-mails, contact info or RSS feeds. Hey…until they make a Prada bag with Windows SideShow support, this might be the one to own!


Dave Z

“Available either as a reference design or a ready-to-integrate module for bag manufacturers”

Doesn’t sound like they are making an actual bag, just a display module that bag manufacturers can integrate into their products.


Not to sound like “Negative Nellie,” but I’m having a hard time understanding why I would want something like this. I put my electronics inside bags to carry and protect them. This thing has them on the outside. With this bag, I’d have to worry about smacking that nice little LCD screen against something, or inadvertantly pushing one of the buttons just above it.

And, if I’m carrying this thing on my shoulder, how easy is it going to be to actually see the screen? Seems to me it’s probably easier for passing strangers to see it than for me to see it.

Maybe it’s just me. I carry a PDA that provides quick access to my important information (before that I carried a Day Timer). I can’t ever think of a time I needed to whip out my laptop to look up an appointment. So, the added value to me of something like this is going to be pretty close to zero. I’m guessing the marginal increase in price due to this *feature* will be a bit higher than that (possibly even higher than the cost of my PDA).

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