Wah! I can’t install an app on iPhone and why I don’t care

Despite some spew earlier in the week that Jobs lied about iPhone running OS X, the truth came through and we find it really is running it. One of the things we can do on OS X machines is install applications, which will not happen without Apple’s help on iPhone. I’m sure the developers of the world thought “Wow, this will be a blast to write an app for a phone running OS X” and then had their dreams shattered when told “Not going to happen”.

Get over it.

The iPhone does something that we seem to forget in the realm of application development. It can access the internet. There’s probably a good chance that if you want to write something for the iPhone, this is the venue to do it at. Who really cares in this case, besides the Cocoa and C hackers, that it doesn’t do installs of software. I’ve said it many times, the software paradigm shift is to the web. The internet is the application platform for the iPhone. While the java(script) and flash issue seems unanswered right now, there is no doubt in my mind that Apple questioned this on purpose to gauge reaction before releasing iPhone.

Frankly, I’m happy that Apple decided not to allow application installs. You can call me an RDF victim if you want, there are worse things, like believing Windows Mobile 5 is productive to use. I’ve been a Palm user for years, and the only reason I install anything on it is because the default stuff from them sucks. It’s still better than WM5. A mini-OS X doesn’t sound crippling at all, but I’m not going to jump just yet. We’ll see how and why Apple was ready to announce this six months in advance. It seems that this device is a huge part of the digital lifestlye Jobs spoke of early in his return to Apple.


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