Sony adds three more UX models, each with Vista



Jenn over at Pocketables got the news via the Micro PC Talk forums: Sony has three more UX handheld models on the way: the UX91S, UX91NS and UX71, ranging in prices from $1,557 to $2,283. Each of these handhelds will come with some flavah of Vista pre-installed. Differences appear to be external colors (silver or blue) as well as Intel processors and hard-drive choices of traditional drive or SSD flash-based drives. Hit up Pocketables for all of the spec deets; while you do that, I’m going to wonder how many different UX models Sony plans and what will be the production run size of each. The last time this happened, we saw some units quickly phased out in place of other configurations. Looks like these are slated for the Asian market, but of course there’s always a good chance that Dynamism, iCube or another importer will be bringing them to America. Actually, I see that Dynamism is taking pre-orders for a model called the UX-390N, which looks like the same specs of the UX91NS….happy shopping!



Thanks for the link :)

The UX390N is actually the U.S. version of the UX1XN, the SSD model that just came out in the UK. The only difference is that the UX390N, like all the U.S. models, has integrated WWAN instead of the CF slot.

The UX series is getting out of hand!


This is good news because finally the Tablet bits will be available natively in the UX series.

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