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Sometimes it might be difficult for you to drop what you’re doing and take a note on a pad of paper before running out the door, or open your favorite online note taking solution like Walnote or Stikkit. Andrei to the rescue. Andrei sent in a note to the WebWorkerDaily team advising us of the simple free note to self email form tool he built.

No usernames or passwords needed here, its all open. When you visit the Note2email homepage all you are hit with is a clean and simple form with email, title, and a note field. Fill in your email address, title, and a note to yourself, and it will be emailed out. Emailed notes do take longer than we would like for the recipient to receive, but nonetheless, this seems like a simple and effective online tool for notes.

How can you take full advantage of this tool while streamlining it a bit? Let’s take a look.

Take your standard Gmail account. You can fully utilize this as an easy location for receiving and checking your quick notes.

  1. Fill out the Note2email’s email and title fields only. Use the title field as a descriptive note area, starting off with “NOTE – your note copy”.
  2. Send the email.
  3. When you open your Gmail account up, not only will your notes be easy to locate and read, they will be prominent over other emails in your inbox. Having your main note in the title field, rather than in the body of the email, will save valuable time since you will no longer need to open the email up to read your note.

If there are any other WebWorkerDaily readers that have created online applications that could have some benefits for webworkers, let us know, we will be happy to take a look at them.



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I have been also experimenting with Google Notebook and the Firefox extension. The FF extension runs in the status bar. Clicking the Add Note allows you to add a note and it automatically (can be unchecked) link the note to the web page being viewed.

I also use BackPack for Notes. I like having it at work and at home.

Alex Muntean

I don’t think Gmail or any other webmail app is the best place to store notes and similar things. Why not use a dedicated app like Backpack or Ta-da List from the beginning.

I found Google Notebook and its associated Firefox extension an excellent tool in capturing notes/page fragments/links.

David L

If you’re a Gmail user, another option is the Gmail This bookmarklet – a JavaScript bookmark/favorite to open a Gmail message form. While that bookmarklet is designed to open a Gmail “Compose Mail” form in a pop-up window to send the title and URL of the page you’re currently viewing to someone, you can easily edit it to send a note to yourself using a tool you already use.

Here’s the original bookmarklet script:
(There’s no comment preview, so let’s hope this works…)

Note: all of this needs to be on a single line in the bookmark “Address” field; I’ve added line breaks and spacing for readability.


We can remove the two references to the current page (that you were viewing when you clicked the bookmarklet) to create a blank form:


On the third line (remember this all needs to be in one line in the Address field of the bookmark), add your email address immediately after “to=” (no spaces) and before “&su=” so that piece looks like this (replace [email-addr] with your address):


You can also add “NOTE – ” (without quotes) immediately after “&su=” as Chris suggests and/or change the “width=” and “height=” values to fit your screen.

1. Go to the page and drag the bookmarklet to your Bookmark toolbar.
2. Copy that second code block (or copy the link location/URL from the bookmark you just added) and paste it into your text editor of choice
3. Remove the reference to “document.title”: +encodeURIComponent(document.title)
4. Remove the reference to “document.location”: +encodeURIComponent(document.location)
5. Add your email address between “to=” and “&su=
6. Paste it back into the Location field of that bookmark(let) on your toolbar
7. (optional) I created a filter in Gmail for messages from me sent to me to add a label so I can find them easier

Hope this helps!


I had the same thought in the beginning, but then again, spammers have enough tools to send out their stuff, they don’t need this. If you want to avoid junk mail, adapt this with a simple PHP formmailer (gazillions of scripts available on the web), put it on your own website and simply password-protect it.

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