Nokia provides digital ink without the Tablet

Nokia_digital_penAre you one of those people who has a thing for pens?  You know who you are, you’re the one with the Levenger catalogue on your coffee table and you choose your daily pen based on the outfit you’re wearing.  If you fit that description AND you love gadgets then you’re about to be in heaven.  Nokia has released an ink pen, the SU-1B, that captures what you ink digitally into memory for uploading to a PC or certain Nokia phones.  The Nokia Digital Pen sports both USB and Bluetooth connectivity to get those notes to your device.  How can you pass us a pen with BLUETOOTH?  You have to use special paper (included) to capture your digital notes which means refills from Nokia but it’s a BLUETOOTH PEN!

  • Wireless connection to compatible phones using Bluetooth technology
  • Send your personalized note or drawing via MMS to a compatible device
  • Store your personal notes on a compatible PC
  • Supports the use of open services provided by third parties, e.g. application forms 

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