@ NATPE: Jon Miller Makes His First Post-AOL Outing


Jonathan Miller was booked for the first NATPE superpanel long before he left AOL couple of months ago. In any case, he showed up for the “Long Tail” panel this morning. On a panel with the likes of Bonnie Hammer, President of USA Network and Sci-Fi Channel, he talked about why YouTube became what it is. He says it became generic and seeped into the culture and that’s what helped it grow so quickly. He believes it is a great time for talent.
He added: If you are in the TV business, you are also in the podcasting, blogs, video blogging and all these businesses. You should think about monetization across all these platforms, especially at this period where no one knows which is the right one.
I spoke to Jon very briefly after the session, and turns out he’s still “our biggest reader”, his phrase. That helps.

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