Millennial Media, another mobile ad startup


Now that wireless carriers and Internet search giants are all talking about the potentials of mobile advertising, we guess there’s room for another startup — Baltimore-based mobile ad company Millennial Media says that it has raised $6.3 million in a Series A round from Bessemer Venture Partners, Columbia Capital, and Acta Wireless. The startup was founded last June and began operating its service in October, but is officially announcing itself today. The company was previously reported to have raised $1.2 million last year.

The startup is led by Paul Palmieri, formerly with Verizon Wireless and, and says it has an ad serving technology for advertisers, wireless carriers and publishers. Third Screen Media and AdMob are already creating similar ecosystems. Millennial Media describes its technology as a “Rosetta Stone” to help the three sides “speak the same language,” — a pretty lame, meaningless description. When we meet with the company later this week, we’ll figure out if and how they are different from some of the others.



I’m a bit skeptical of the mobile advertising market myself, but I like greystripe(.com)’s approach to it. I think they can be best described as adsense for mobile contents.

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