Do you really need Jott?


As you can see by our coverage on WebWorkerDaily, we are really into taking notes, and setting reminders, covering everything from managing to do’s, Online vs. Offline notes, looked at a few online note taking solutions, as well as hyped the paper to do list. It’s a great habit to get into in order to get the job done, and there are many solutions out there that all have the final outcome, remembering to get something done.

So, when I came across the public beta of Jott, I asked myself, have we gone too far?

Is there really actually any need for this “obscenely simple” solution? Would people actually use this service in order to remember what they have to do? There are some who simply swear by this service, and are now addicted to Jott. Maybe there is something here because it is backed by one of the VCs who took an early flier on Skype.

Jott is pinned as a voice powered, hands free messaging and to do list. What the user would do is call the special Jot 11 digit number, say a message or note, and Jott will magically transcribe and deliver the text to both mobile phones and emails.

You can also send Jottcasts, where a list of contacts would get the same message. The Jott beta is currently open to US mobile phone subscribers only. What are your thoughts? Has the to do list hit a brick wall with this one? Or is this something that could help in your daily lives.



It is certainly useful in a number of situations. If you are walking your dog and came up with an idea or recalled just the right thing to do, but will likely forget it by the time you come home or get to your laptop.

Chris Pancho

I don’t think Jott has gone far at all! I think it has helped MILLIONS of people out there, especially in the business AND busy world. A good first example would be this new law in Washington State that goes effect Jan. 1 2008, where people will get a secondary charge for using AND texting while driving. Now with Jott, you can use your hands free device to Jott! I think that’s going to work great in washington state and where ever driving and talking/texting applies.

Some i see think that Jott is just a waste of time and rather use pen and paper, but Jotting isn’t always about leaving yourself a note. Jotting allows communication to groups even! And as for my applications with Jott, I use it as a musicians tool. It helps me remember music when I’m not at my guitar. And I’m notorious for forgetting ideas! Seriously! haha

And I’m use Geoff R. knows about this…but it DOES work in Canada!

Anyway…great to see this awesome product in use! I’m really excited about the future of Jott, especially since they’ve landed a 4.5 Million loan to expand!

Happy Jotting!


I think that this type of technology truly is useful. It speeds up communication throughout our lives. I am concerned mainly with the accuracy and the range of use the service has(blog,memo,note,sms etc..). I searched around and ended up choosing a company called spinvox. Their conversions are very accurate and I can use their service for almost any imaginable application of voice conversion to text.

James B

I manage a sales team and I meet a lot of our customers everyday. As you might guess, each meeting results in a follow up either for me or one of my reports. I used to carry a notebook around and send notes/followups out in the evening. With Jott, I dont have to wait till the end of day to get these going. Granted, it was annoying to add my 6 direct reports as contacts, but once I did that – the returns are great. I have found this to be a perfect little business productivity tool.

Randall Bennett

Honestly, I think Jott is taking it a bit too far. I’d rather use a pen and paper any day. Yeah, I’m sure the service is mighty reliable, but, for me anyway, I’d rather just have myself only know my notes. Tadalist is about the extent of to-dos and notes.


I’ve used jott for about a month now after having used a digital recorder like the iTalk mentioned above. What I really love about the service is that it removes the need for me to remember to transcribe the notes I’ve recorded and put them on my task list. That always seemed like needing to remember to remember for me. Now it’s all managed for me, and waiting for me on the web site. I really love the service!


I have an iTalk plugged into my iPod…just as handy as talking into the phone and it all transfers with my next sync. True, if I’m in the car, I can’t send that immediately to co-workers but certainly can once sync’d/connected. Works for me. Don’t need a service for it ;-)


I have a kid, and I’ve found Jott extremely useful for when I’m out with her and don’t want to fumble for a notebook. I had been using a voicemail-to-email gateway, but this is better. The transcription isn’t good, but it’s good enough to figure out what I was talking about.


I’ve found Jott to be a nice little add-on for my cell phone, especially when I’m on the go. I’ve hooked up Jott to feed my Inbox page of Backpack. Once there, I can process the thought when I have more time.

The service works with a combo of technology and transcribers, as was confirmed by their CEO on my .


I use it to pass information about projects and ideas to a team of developers. It is nice to have a wiki for doing such things. I wouldn’t really use it much beyond that.

Judi Sohn

I can see a use for this if you’re the type (like me) who has brainstorms while driving (taxi Mom here). I could see using my cell phone (handsfree, of course) to leave myself a to-do. I have certainly left myself voicemail messages from time to time as reminders when I’m on the road and can’t get to my trusted system for jotting down notes or to-dos for whatever reason, but I can always get to a phone.

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