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Industry Moves: Peter Horan Leaving To Head IAC's Media And Advertising Group

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Peter Horan has been tapped as CEO, IAC Media and Advertising, overseeing, Citysearch, consumer applications and portals, and the ad sales group. Release.
Update: Just got off the phone with Peter Horan, who is working out transition plans at, where he has been CEO since leaving and the New York Times Company in May 2005. First, the details about his new job, which he plans to start within the month, then some excerpts from our interview:
— As CEO of IAC Media & Advertising, he will be responsible for growing those businesses. (This has nothing to do with Michael Jackson’s programming mission in the emerging businesses group.) Technically he is replacing Steve Berkowitz, who left the company for Microsoft last April; he was Search & Media CEO. Horan’s role has been expanded to include Citysearch and Evite so the job now matches the way IAC groups businesses by sector for financial reporting.
— He will report to IAC president and COO Doug Lebda. In turn, the CEOs of the various businesses in the new group will report to him: Jim Lanzone,, Briggs Ferguson, Citysearch, Richard Stalzer, IAC Advertising Solutions, and Scott Garell, IAC Consumer Applications and Portals. He will be based in Oakland, where the group of 800 or so is headquartered, so no moving required.
From the interview: Horan said he wasn’t looking for a move but it was “impossible to say no.” IAC and Horan are both very careful to make sure this isn’t viewed as someone coming in to fix things. Horan: “This isn

2 Responses to “Industry Moves: Peter Horan Leaving To Head IAC's Media And Advertising Group”

  1. There's no question that Jim Lanzone is a talented executive and will bring valuable skills to IAC.

    The more interesting question is what happens to ALLbusinss. The opportunity for a terrific small business portal seems clear, and the need is real. Unfortunately, it does not seem that anyone has been able to make it work…

    Bruce Judson
    Author, "Go It Alone" (HarperBusiness; Nov 2004)

  2. Congrats to Peter and to Barry. I've known Peter for a few years and have been tracking what he has been doing at Allbusiness where he is really pushing the technical envelope, taking a lot of what he did at About to the next level. IAC's media and advertising businesses are doing very well (Ask especially) and adding Peter's thought leadership can only help.