Freeware of the moment: OggSync for 2-way Google Calendar synching to your WinMo device

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OggsyncscreenshotsWe’ve talked about GooSync in the past; now it’s time to reverse those first three letters and mention OggSync! MoDaCo caught on to this application and what’s nice here is a free basic version as well as a paid commercial version. For free you get these features:

  • Full 2 way sync from your phone to one of your Google calendars
  • Supports Google Hosted Domains
  • No 3rd party involvement, keep things simple with just your phone and Google Calendar.
  • Full support for repeating events, and changes to those repeating events
  • Uses over the air or cradled connections so you can always be up to date
  • Compatible with Outlook and ActiveSync
  • For a $30 a year subscription (or $4 a month), you can add:

  • Multiple calendar sync – Sync any number of Google public and private calendars
  • Automatic Synchronization! Let OggSync keep your phone and Google in sync in the background.
  • Default Calendar Mapping: Optionally have events with no matching Google Calendar category get put in your default Google Calendar
  • And of course, existing subscribers get automatic full upgrade to OggSync Pro, thank you for your patronage!
  • Although I’ve recently converted to Google’s RSS Reader, I still haven’t moved away from Outlook / Exchange for my calendar needs. Then again, I pay for a hosted Exchange server, so maybe the free Google and OggSync method is the way to go.

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    Hi Guys,

    Hey I prefer those first three letters to remain as “goo” ;-)
    But seriously, this world of ours will stand many sync providers, I think OggSync is a cool too for Outlook Google, I wish them well. is a server based solution aimed at syncing just about any device and system, Google just being one. Today we release support for Multi Calendar, and you will see more exciting stuff coming in the next month or so.

    Check it out.
    Chris (GooSync).

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