Boxxet Launch Offers Users To Create Their Own 'Best-Of-The-Web' Hub

A busy day for start-up Boxxet with the launch of the latest entry in the online info organizer/community/automated portal space and the announcement of a $900,000 first round from Ascend Venture Group. The year-old Burlingame, Ca.-based company plans to use the funds to build a series of microsites, each with its own singular focus. Boxxet is headed by You Mon Tsang and Dan Gartung, who previously led market analysis company Biz360 and defunct web browsing utility Milktruck. In his initial pitches for funding, Tsang told investors that Boxxet (pronounced: “box-set”) would serve as an updated version of Boxxet currently has 450 topic sites and plans to have 10,000 by next year. Boxxet, which is free to registered users, uses crawling and links to build a source list on a given topic. In terms of market position, as Liz Gannes writes, “It faces a ton of competition, from Zimbio to Squidoo to Wikia. These companies utilize a lot more human participation, so they are both better and worse equipped to deal with spam.”