Beatles Finally in iTunes?


During the San Francisco Keynote, Mr Jobs played some Beatles music for us. As I was taking notes I wondered if this was fore-shadowing to an announcement of iTunes adding the Beatles catalog to their offerings. Obviously nothing else was announced that day, or that week.

But now there’s word from MacWorld Magazine (UK), that a deal may have been reached – or nearly reached – that may have the Beatles songs available in the iTunes store as soon as Valentines day (February 14th).

This would be a nice move for all those huge Beatles fans out there. But would also be nice as an end to the ugliness over Apple infringing upon Beatles (Apple Corps label) territory by using their name in the music industry, a la iTunes Store.

We’ll keep you posted as this solidifies (or vanishes into thin air).




Ironically, while I was on hold with Apple Tech Support today, they played “All You Need is Love” on the phone/muzak.


And I’m sure the bazillion dollars they will pay to use ‘All You Need Is Love’ for the Valentines Day roll out would make any agreement even sweeter!

Can you imagine (no pun intended…) the amount of people who would buy a green apple colored iPod with a bunch of Beatles music preinstalled? It was near pandemonium when the U2 version came out.

Grant (divigation)

I think it is about time that Apple sold Apple music. I have all of the Beatles music already in my library, but it is a gaping hole in the collection for the download community. I am curious to see whether they offer an “Everything Ever” package like they did with Dylan.

@BP: Which Apple would be buying out the other?


Well, you would think that something would have to be reached since Apple Computer is now Apple Inc, which would be very iffy about infringing upon Apple Corps. Maybe Apple is buying out Apple? Who knows.

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