BroadSoft to Partner With BEA


VoIP application server software provider BroadSoft has partnered up with Web software developer BEA Systems, Tuesday, a marriage meant to build a better product for carrier customers, according to a BroadSoft spokesperson.

The multi-year deal centers around the idea of melding BroadSoft’s BroadWorks VoIP application platform (the software that provides features like call center apps, conferencing and other PBX functions) with BEA’s WebLogic SIP Server, a telecom-focused component of BEA’s Java-based Web services applications family. According to BroadSoft, the two companies already have “dozens of mutual customers” in the telecom arena.
Both BroadSoft and BEA (as well as competitors like Sylantro) are pushing to make their wares fit into so-called IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) deployments, which are more theory than practice these days given the complexity of trying to meld a bunch of back-end telecom services on top of an IP infrastructure. According to the press release, the deal is a “strategic alliance” that includes joint sales, marketing and development efforts.


herman manfred

I think you’ll find, on deeper looking, that none of those are IMS deployments but merely intent (at best).

AFAIK, NONE of the infrastructure companies – Lucent, Sonus, etc have ANY IMS equipment/software “out there”.

Lots of lip service, of course, but that’s not real (for example, Sonus touts its “IMS ready” items and one of their top guys even said the rough equivalent of “will be IMS compatible with a small amount of programming”! LOL!).

None of this is surprising since IMS itself is, in general, still a moving target.


The list includes

  • Verizon
  • Sprint
  • SBC, BLS, Cingular

They had announced way back in 05 or 06 their IMS investments. And most of these were core infrastructure investments. Apparently there have been a steady flow of RFP/RFIs from Lat-Am too. Even good ol’ Qwest is looking for a multi service network.

To the contrary, SIP servers and other app layer deployments have been very few..and so far the likes of BEA/IBM/Ubiquity have been lagging behind Lucent/Ericsson. But with Round 2 coming, hosted telephony and managed services and all – it remains to be seen who’ll come out on top. And that is probably the single biggest factor driving all these partnership annuncements – case in point Ubiquity/Avaya, BEA/Broadsoft et al.

herman manfred

IMS “deployments” are all around the US? I find that essentially TOTALLY impossible to believe.

Name one.

SIP deployment? Yes.

IMS? Uh uh.


Interesting..IBM has also been pushing Broadsoft quite a bit on their Bladecenter platform – so with BEA with their fledgling WLCP tagging along its all in the family, eh? OTOH, your observation about IMS deployments being theory and no practice – to the contrary, I see them all over the place for Tier-1, Tier-2 telcos in NA and Lat-Am. In fact, most of the “bootstrap” infrastructure deployments have been done..its going to be Round 2 soon. Probably that explains why the traditional IT vendors are coming together to put up a stronger fight against NEPs like Lucent.

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