The YouTube Love-Hate Relationship Game

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How to deal with free online distribution? Hollywood has hardly made up its mind on an approach.

The methods are certainly getting more formal. While waiting for YouTube to roll out its promised automated takedown service, NBC employs three people responsible for trolling YouTube in search of studio material, sending the site more than 1,000 takedown requests per month, reports the New York Times.

But that doesn’t mean the methods are getting more unified; marketing departments and lawyers seem destined for an office party brawl. For instance, Universal Music Group has cleared the soundtrack to movies like 8 Mile — taking a flat fee or a percentage of advertising revenue, whichever’s higher — but use of clips is not authorized. However, Universal Pictures provides YouTube with press kits for new films, including clips.

The NYT article has a funny assortment of quotes from studio and label bigwigs. Let’s play a game of match the quote with the speaker.

1. “We don’t want to kill this. We see this as a new source of revenue for us.”
2. “It bothers me artistically. Here’s this thing where you have no control; they are chopping it up and putting your memories in a blender.”
3. “Sand is running out of the hourglass. Companies aren’t prepared to sit by and not let this be addressed.”
4. “We will offer as much freedom as legally able, but at the same time it will be less than some people are doing now. It won’t be ‘anything goes.’ ”

  • a. Rick Cotton, NBC Universal’s general counsel
  • b. Larry Kenswil, Universal Music executive
  • c. Brian Grazer, producer of 8 Mile
  • d. Ron Wheeler, senior vice president of content protection at Fox Entertainment Group

Highlight the space below to see the answers.

1b 2c 3a 4d

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