SpeedScript: another UMPC input method

Speedscript_on_tabletSpeedScript is another text input system that’s worth a look; the application was originally designed for Windows Mobile devices, but the company shot us a note to tell us about the beta version for Windows XP Tablet Edition. Since Origami devices run that OS, this beta should work nicely on a UMPC and you can download it here.

Since I’m without a currently working UMPC, I could only watch the flash demo. What appeals to me the most is the small size of this virtual keyboard: a real bonus for a small-screen UMPC. The entry system relies on both a tap and drag method; you tap on the consonants, but drag for the vowels. From what I can see, it appears fairly efficient once get used to the keyboard layout. I’d love to run this on the Raon Digital Vega review unit I have (yes, I still have it and will get a review up this week) because that 4.3-inch screen cries for a small but usable text entry system. Unfortunately the Vega runs Windows XP Home Edition and not Tablet Edition.



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