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As Time Inc. Waits For More Cuts, Company Prefers To Focus On Digital

Nestled in the umpteenth story about impending Time Inc. layoffs, the NYT offers a tantalizing number related to the Time Warner unit’s digital front. Also, we once again hear how Time is shifting resources to digital media as it cuts costs to prepare for the future. Mind you — as is the case with most newspapers — when we talk about magazines in trouble at Time Inc., we’re still talking 18 percent margins on average. It’s a lack of growth in print revenue that is causing all the consternation and the growth of online revenue that makes digital all the rage. (Favorite quote: referring to ad pages, “flat is the new up.”)
Back to those numbers: at an annual senior TW retreat last November, Time Inc. Chairman Ann Moore told fellow execs she expected SI’s digital operations to contribute 13 percent of SI’s profits — and that it was projected to be 18 percent in 2007. For a little context, the month before that appearance, Moore projected internet revenue to contribute about 15 percent of net income at SI and 25 percent at the business titles thanks to the relaunch of as a central site.
On the editorial front, SI will have most of its print reporters and photographers writing for the internet, cutting down arbitrary barriers and costs at the same time. Terry McDonnell, editor of the SI group, told the Times the growth stems from increased online customization and constantly updating news. SI’s cuts will come from stretching the staff across platforms. McDonnell: “It

2 Responses to “As Time Inc. Waits For More Cuts, Company Prefers To Focus On Digital”

  1. TW Refugee – if only that were the case. For some reason, oftentimes, those in charge prefer to keep messing up instead of allow those that know (who are usually in the lower rungs) offer their expertise. Such is life.

  2. TW Refugee

    What is it they say? The definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior over and over again and expecting a different result. Rather than move around the same old tired employees the best hope for this group of amazing brands is to bring in some real digital expertise and (now this is the hard part) let them do their jobs without interference from people who haven't a clue.