Pardon me: my MP3 player has gas


Ovation_ix_1Too bad I filled up my Highlander Hybrid before I read this article. At CES, Dresser Wayne demonstrated a gas pump dispenser that runs Windows CE and allows consumers to transfer MP3 audio files to their vehicle without wires thanks to Bluetooth technology. The Ovation2 iX fuel dispenser includes audio speakers and a 15-inch touchscreen display to get your gas or your tunes. Gas station owners can expect to implement the new pump later this year; If I find a place that lets me top off my DAP and SUV at the same time, I’ll be sure to document it. Dresser Wayne’s Ovation iX model (shown) is available now, but offers a 10.4-inch touchscreen and no tunes, just gas. Is it safe to say we’ll see a Wi-Fi-enabled Zune-compatible model that squirts tunes and gas at the same time?

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