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New Venice Project Name: ‘Joost’

The Venice Project can’t escape hype, with GigaOM and NewTeeVee no exception. Finally, the online television startup from the founders of Skype has a production name: Joost. Of course, the premature hype streak lives on, as that URL is still password protected.

We have some new screenshots below the jump.

At least now we can promise you no more posts on “the Venice Project” before it actually launches!

But…we did just get a new batch of beta invites, so what the heck, we’ll give them to the first five commenters.

245 Responses to “New Venice Project Name: ‘Joost’”

  1. RhineFlash

    There will be no more beta invitation left, I assume.

    But anyway…I’m really interested in reading more experiences of beta-Joosters…

    At least the screenshots look promising. If one day not too far from now I’m able to receive this quality on my screen (with no stops or buffering breaks) – the Joost-guys will have marked one big step into the future of IPTV.

  2. I am just using Joost for the 1-st time, using a slow DSL line. But it feels like television already. The quality and resolution are impressing. The images never stand still like the sometimes do when I use the TVUPlayer to see US television from abroad.

    The only point is: It is as boring as the television I know. None of the channels does interest me. It is only about celebrities or funsports. Damned! I was so bored by MTV already. Now Joost is copying them.

    Hopefully they will be presenting more content soon. I would love to see news programs from other countries and of course movies.

  3. Joanna Stern

    Those people over there are pretty Joosterous to give you so many invites (could be too many Joost puns for the day). I will pass though, I had my beta years ago! I am interested in hearing what people think of it though and am happy there will be more people to talk to in the channel chats!

  4. I take it it’s too late to blag a Beta invite, so I will only speculate that the name implies that this is going to be to internet TV what Barry Bonds is to baseball (alledgedly).

    On the other hand, if it’s buggy, it begs the question and answer, “Does it work?” “Only joost.”

  5. Web 2.0 names and domains have gotten pretty cartoonish lately, but I gotta admit, Joost has some appeal. I wonder how much “user generated content” will factor into their plan, versus commercial content? I certainly wouldn’t mind finding out about the former…

  6. It sure sounds revolutionary but lets see if it lives up to the hype. I have a feeling we are going to see all the cable/telco’s start implementing monthly bandwidth allotments with products like this coming out.