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With all the recent talk about bringing Internet video to the living room, a little nugget of an idea about a YouTube TV channel got me thinking that a better idea would be The YouTube Show — say, a half-hour program every now and then compiling the best that user-generated video has to offer.

Or the worst. Doesn’t matter. A YouTube Show could go a long way in providing something to ease the worries of the major networks and studios, who just don’t know whether to love or hate Google’s $1.65 billion baby. Something along the lines of Veoh Viral or VH1’s Web Junk, or the stuff Current TV does.

In an era where cheap, reality-based programming is clearly favored by large viewing audiences, isn’t The YouTube Show a guaranteed hit? Take a network who’s ready to sue you and dump in their laps a 30-minute piece of programming to help sell light beer, big trucks, or those drugs that help you throw a football through a swinging tire.

YouTube wins by keeping the lawyers off their backs, and slam-dunks itself as the place to be for UGC. The winning network gets to wrap itself in a cozy ersatz Web 2.0 blanket. It’s so easy, you wonder why we haven’t seen Amanda Congdon hosting it yet.


Greg Rose

Yes, this is a great idea. As a matter of fact, I created a blog a while ago that does just that! I cull the videos from not just YouTube, but all the video sites that let you embed video player code (google, youtube, revver, dailymotion, etc). I have based the blog on the idea of a half an hour show (eighteen hundred seconds = 30 minutes)

Currently, my audience is just one. (My buddy Will, a.k.a anonymous), but I am hoping that others will find my new blog and watch it.

So, if you are interested, please go and visit,

Leave a comment and let me know what you think. Also, make sure to click the archives, to see all the “episodes”.

Today’s episode is people that have made songs dedicated to YouTube

Chris Brogan...

G4TV’s The Daily Nut is a great show that covers that ground, though they’re not tied to a single platform. I’ve seen lots of great shows with them.

Mark Day

There is a YouTube-esque show called The Fizz on DirecTV’s Channel 101 that includes notable viral videos and content filmed specifically for the show by a number of YouTube “personalities”. They may well be the “not quite ready for Prime Time time” players of the era, but given the state of Prime Time, that’s probably a good thing.

(in the interests of full disclosure, I’m a conributor…)

Daisy Whitney

I’d love to see a YouTube show. It could be featured on the home page of YouTube with the featured videos or director videos — sort of a 10-15 minute show of the best videos of the day or week. YouTube does have an editorial slant to some degree via the featured videos so this “show” would basically lump them all together for the day. Hit play once and watch the best of the day.

Tobias Me.dium

It’s a great idea… and it already happens in Me.dium! And in true YouTube ethos, there is no editorial slant – instead, the users decide what’s hot or not. Every Friday at 17:00GMT / 12:00 EST / 9:00 PST whole crowds of Me.dium users gather around for a YouTube “Me.cast”. They “see” each other on the Me.dium map, and can start taking each other to videos , or following the crowds to the best vids of the day (UGC or other). Conversation explodes, friends are made… and everyone comes back next week. Full disclaimer: I work for Me.dium. But this is a lot of fun. We’re still in private beta right now, but you can join by clicking here:


I would have said the point of youtube is more or less that it lets you have a little more control than on, off and switch channels.

I like that about youtube. I don’t like TV – I don’t watch it.

Stuff thats on TV that I do like – I’ll get it elsewhere, on a dvd or from the net (some sites do let you watch that weeks episode of whatever online – in the states i think NBC does it for some things)

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