Need to get around? You need a ThrustPac


ThrustpacThis gadget would really have come in handy last week at the CES.  The ability to cover long distances with a minimal effort would have been much appreciated and saved my legs from feeling dead at the end of each day.  What I needed was the ThrustPac and I would have been flying through the convention floor.  Whats a ThrustPac? 

The ThrustPac is a gasoline powered wind turbine which you strap to your back and which pushes you forward at a rather fast clip. So you get to go 35 mph on your bike at around 150 miles per gallon. Innovation thy name is wind power. Priced from $895.00.

What will they think of next?  An iPod Phone?  Yeah, right.

(via TRFJ)

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