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MSN, Reveille Launch First "Original": "The Big Debate"

The first effort (at least, the first public one) from Reveille LLC’s MSN Originals is up: The Big Debate. Don’t click on that link expecting “Ugly Betty” or “The Office” — two of Reveille’s current broadcast hits. What you will see is ait’s a sort of modernized, meant-to-be-comedic “he said, she said” on a pop-culture “hot topic.” Today’s installment: Is Leo (if you have to ask, you don’t care) America’s best actor? Leo’s gold/Leo’s a hack. the microsite has a poll — the Debate-o-meter, a forum, related links and promos for tonight’s exclusive MSN coverage of the meaningless-but-fun Golden Globes (red carpet rolls at 7 p.m. eastern). The series is sponsored by Cingular — wait, if this is Monday it must be AT&T — no, wait, it’s still Cingular. Reveille founder and CEO Ben Silverman explains the rationale in the release: “We