Just blew my MacBook fund on a Samsung Q1P


Vistagami_1_2Regular readers know how much I adore my Samsung Q1, aka: Sammy. 12 hours prior to my CES trip, Sammy took a jolt from an external battery and has been in a coma ever since. I’ve done a bedside watch for some time and I’m not ready to pull the plug just yet. In fact, when I remove Sammy’s battery but plug him in to AC Power, something interesting happens. He still won’t power up, but when I activate the Hold switch, it does produce the standard Amber LED flashing light to indicate the Hold status. That tells me that he’s getting some power: a good sign. I’m thinking that perhaps the battery itself was blown out, so I’ll take this opportunity to order a 6-cell extended battery before sending him in for service.

I also decided to do a minor upgrade, so I’ve just ordered a Samsung Q1P model; not the unit with the SSD flash drive that Samsung announced at CES, but the current Q1P with the faster processor, additional hard drive capacity and 1 GB of RAM. My thought is that once Sammy is fixed via new battery or service, I’ll offer him as a used broken-in unit via eBay to make back some of the Q1P purchase price. I certainly don’t expect to get what I paid for the unit ($1,099), but I’d be happy to offset the $1,299 I just spent on the Q1P. Of course, when I get the new unit, I’ll be looking for differences and performance increases in order to document them here. Anyone mind if transfer the name "Sammy" to the new Q1P?



Is the Pentium M version of the Q1 significantly better than the Celeron version? I am seriously considering ordering one with Vista preinstalled (looks like it is supposed to be out in the next week or so based on some things I have seen) to serve as a GPS in my car and my “out of office” computer…

I’d rather spend $1200 on a full blown computer than $800 on just a portable GPS unit…

First post, great site thanks to all those who contribute!



I met the same regrettable problem just before the new year (I had my Sam for only 10 days). I contacted Samsung assistance service but they had only an exchange to offer. Conclusion: I was obliged to quit sam when I became really addicted, and now I’m still waiting for Sam II :(
… but, I remain a convicted fan of the Q1 !!

Anton P. Nym

How about “Sammy Davis Jr.”? *grin*

Shame to hear about the power glitch; hope that gets cleared up soon, even if you’re passing Sammy on to someone else.

Patrick; the sleeve will eventually fit over the Q1 with 6-cell… or at least, mine eventually stretched to fit after about a dozen tries of gently working it around the case a little bit further each time. (Make sure the key lock button is on when doing this. Don’t want to start the Q1 while it’s in the case…)

— Steve


My Q1P is named Cupid. You know, “Q” and “P” (with an “id” because I don’t like QP dolls).

Is it just her or are DialKeys’ sounds inaudible when running on battery power and crazy loud when plugged in?

Kevin Carstens

Kevin, how ’bout SAMII (still pronounced Sammy). Keeps the name but reflects it the second gen.

Dave Zatz

I second PSammy or vote Sammy^2. We need a different name so we know which you are referring to during troubleshooting and what not.

Patrick Perez

Here’s a second vote for ‘Son of Sammy’. My Q1P is named Ishmael. I got it as a refurb from PC Connection for $950, and after one day, the battery died. A quick call to Samsung support yielded a prompt replacement. I have subsequently purchased the 6 cell battery. Unfortunately, the neoprene sleeve doesn’t fit over the larger battery :-(



I like Sammy and think that you should hold her in memory. So since this will be you’re second Sammy I’d call him/her Sammy²

Regards Alfred


Hey, there’s one thing that doesn’t make any sense to me: in the link of the product page at Samsung’s site, I can read “Samsung recommends Windows Vistaâ„¢ Business”… does that mean that this Q1 is Vista Ready???


Question, would the Q1 be able to run applications such as a program editing tool like eclipse, or maybe something like dreamweaver by macromedia at a decent speed?

ive been back and forth on what to get….p1610, ux280p, oqo 02, and the least expensive q1.


Major Malfunction

I’ve got the Q1 with 1GB ram and 1Ghz Pent. M, and just was told that to get it restored back to factory, I have to send it in as there are no RESTORE CD packages. If someone has an ISO, that would be great, or better yet, everyone call in and write to Samsung to get us proper restoration solutions… 14 days could be the wait.


That’s not good what happened to your Q1 . Hopefully its just the battery. I Just picked up a Q1P last week and have using it for a week. So far great machine. I ordered the 6 cell battery and just got it Friday and wow what brg difference on battery life. It shows between 6 hrs to 7 hrs. Kevin how many hours where you getting with the 3 cell am only getting 1:45 to close to This is that about right? what setting do you use your Sammy 800×480?


How about “Son of Sammy”? :)

I was looking forward to your MacBook experiences. I’m looking for a new full size laptop and I think I’m going to get a 17″ HP. I’ve gotta buy two of them (my wife wont let me just buy myself a new machine :) so the approximate doubling in cost to the MacBook Pro is pretty much ruling them out for me.

I’m also looking for a “carry around” machine and the P1610 James was using at the CES Meetup is probably gonna win out on that end. I’ll wait till I can get Vista pre-installed though.


Thanks I’ll make sure I watch my tips also, I’m sure were using the same PPS battery.

Kevin C. Tofel

Jose: I bought the unit from Outpost.com and they didn’t have any accessories bundled with it unfortunately. I could have saved $50 at another retailer, but would have had to wait longer; Outpost has them in stock.

Mike: some external batteries use special “tips” so that you can use the battery with multiple devices. I think I had the tip in backwards, meaning the polarity was reversed. The official Samsung powerbank would not have this issue.

Michael: I could work with Pammy, but I was thinking “Sammy P.” ;)

Michael Venini

How ’bout Pammy? You know, q1P <—–

I know it’s bad.


Was it a faulty external battery or was an incorrect setting used. I think I have the same battery and want to make sure my investments are safe. I haven’t purchased a UMPC yet but bet I would if I ever got the chance to try a demo.


Wise decision. Is the case+keyboard included? man I love this device and it’s slowly becoming my main device (poor iBook)

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