Just blew my MacBook fund on a Samsung Q1P

Vistagami_1_2Regular readers know how much I adore my Samsung Q1, aka: Sammy. 12 hours prior to my CES trip, Sammy took a jolt from an external battery and has been in a coma ever since. I’ve done a bedside watch for some time and I’m not ready to pull the plug just yet. In fact, when I remove Sammy’s battery but plug him in to AC Power, something interesting happens. He still won’t power up, but when I activate the Hold switch, it does produce the standard Amber LED flashing light to indicate the Hold status. That tells me that he’s getting some power: a good sign. I’m thinking that perhaps the battery itself was blown out, so I’ll take this opportunity to order a 6-cell extended battery before sending him in for service.

I also decided to do a minor upgrade, so I’ve just ordered a Samsung Q1P model; not the unit with the SSD flash drive that Samsung announced at CES, but the current Q1P with the faster processor, additional hard drive capacity and 1 GB of RAM. My thought is that once Sammy is fixed via new battery or service, I’ll offer him as a used broken-in unit via eBay to make back some of the Q1P purchase price. I certainly don’t expect to get what I paid for the unit ($1,099), but I’d be happy to offset the $1,299 I just spent on the Q1P. Of course, when I get the new unit, I’ll be looking for differences and performance increases in order to document them here. Anyone mind if transfer the name "Sammy" to the new Q1P?


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