Joost this Venice Project


The Venice Project has finally dropped its awkward and ultra geeky moniker in favor of an equally nerdy if somewhat catchy name Joost. TechCrunch was doing some active digging when the story broke.

The new brand was supposed to be announced tomorrow but someone jumped the embargo gun, and now we are all scrambling to catch up. There is nothing new to say since we have pretty much said it all before. NewTeeVee has new screen shots.


John Grace

Invitation please!!! pretty please!!!! You will be in my books for the rest of my life :-)


Does anyone have a invation left and would like to share it with me… Preatty please…

email: mymac(at)


HEEEEyyy JOOOSters :), give me samo kinde of help, can anyone send me this invitation, cause my name will get bored on their site list :) Give me chance to roll Serbia :))
Thank you, in forward :)))


Hi Om –

Was wondering if I could score a beta invite from you.



Dan Lester

Just a comment on the journalism here: why not let your timely reporting speak for itself? You already have a good reputation for scoops, so there’s no need to spend half the article explaining how this might have been another one!


I actually liked The Venice Project name way more. Just sounds better and more classy. Joost sits too near Joomla, and means… well, nothing really.

A couple of days ago I looked at player and I liked it more.


I’d like to get an invatation if there is still one available. Love to check out what they are doing.

Free Laptop

I am just using Joost for the 1-st time, using a slow DSL line. But it feels like television already. The quality and resolution are impressing. The images never stand still like the sometimes do when I use the TVUPlayer to see US television from abroad.

The only point is: It is as boring as the television I know. None of the channels does interest me. It is only about celebrities or funsports. Damned! I was so bored by MTV already. Now Joost is copying them.

Hopefully they will be presenting more content soon. I would love to see news programs from other countries and of course movies.


Damn. This news was suppose to be out tomorrow.
You guys have some serious connections.

I want to be part of the gang.

Where do i pay for the yearly subscriptions?


Srinivas Murty

Thanks for the heads up Om. I downloaded the latest beta from the Joost site. I cannot say there is a difference but that may be because it just brings my WiFi home network to its knees (nothing new there!). And oh yeah, there’s a promo starring Jamie Kennedy right in the beginning. I couldn’t tell what he was saying as the graphics and sound were pretty choppy.


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