I Hate Transperency

I hate transparency. Only recently, though. I used to love it.

And Mac OS X is littered with it. It’s everywhere – in the Dock, in Terminal, in Dashboard, etc.

At one point, you could see about 5 layers of transparency at once on my screen, like this:
An example of multiple layers of transparency on my desktop.

Yup, pretty ridiculous.

But recently, I’ve decided that I hate transparency.

Sure it’s pretty, but I realized that transperency is the difference between easy-to-read and hard-to-read; the difference between strain on my eyes and beautiful text. So I turned off transparency in every place I could, and I encourage you to do it to.

Here’s some places to start:

  • In Terminal, go to Terminal –> Window Settings –> Color, and drag the Transparency slider all the way to the left.
  • In Adium, go to Adium –> Preferences –> Appearance, and drag the Opacity slider all the way to the right (to 100%).
  • In NewsFire, go to NewsFire –> Preferences –> Interaction, and uncheck Window behavior: Fade main window when inactive.

Since I’ve done that, I’m much happier using my Mac, and my eyes are happier too.

In addition to encouraging you to remove transparency from your Mac in every place you can, I also encourage Apple to remove it from many places. Not all, for example, I don’t think that Dashboard should have a transparent background, but in places like menus for example, which are slightly transparent, and it’s difficult for users to remove this transparency.

So, what’s your view on transparency?


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