Follow a Windows guy switching to Mac

MacbookI’m reading Adrian Kingsley-Hughes’ latest series of ZDNet posts with great interest: Adrian has a high-end MacBook Pro on loan from Apple and he’s documenting his daily experiences with the notebook. I’ve basically been a Windows guy for years, although I have dabbled with Ubuntu. Now that I can run my Windows apps on a Mac, I’ve been saving up for a new Apple notebook so that I can get a feel for Mac while I have my Windows safety net underneath. Maybe one day I’ll find I can walk the tightrope without the net, but I think this is a sound approach.

If you’re curious to see how a long-time Windows user is adjusting, hop on over to Adrian’s blog for what looks to be daily updates. So far, it’s basically introductory stuff, but interestingly enough, he’s unable to connect to his 802.11g network with the MacBook. I’m sure there’s a relatively simple issue here, but after hearing that "Mac’s just work", I’m really curious what the problem is. Hopefully, it’s just a minor configuration or new Mac user error.


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