Pirates Shopping for Islands


22672479_5a316ae89c_m.jpgThe Pirate Bay (TPB) has teamed up with their ally, the Armed Coalition Forces of
(ACFI), having declared ‘mission accomplished’ in Ladonia, are now raising funds toward a kopimist invasion of The Principality of Sealand. If unsuccesful, the pirates plan to find another island to serve as a base of operations. From The Pirate Bay blog:

The price for Sealand is probably about $ We don’t really care. We’re going for it anyhow! We really want to see what the community can do – with it’s own island. Since we are all for sharing the country would be shared amongst us all.

According to Buy Sealand, the site where activities are being coordinated, anyone who donates will become a citizen. And what to do once the kopimist paradise is founded? If you’ve ever wondered what government by web forum might look like, now you know. Goals voiced by forum members range from “Shell accounts for all citizens” to “nachos and pizza rolls” — sounds like heaven on earth to me!

Update: The Pirate Bay has set up a wiki to explore their options in terms of location.

Via TorrentFreak


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