Google Under Fire For Offending YouTube Video On Gandhi

Google is in tight spot again over a contentious YouTube video on India’s father of nation Mahatma Gandhi. The video was posted by Gautham Prasad, an NRI comedian based in New York City, on the Google’s newly acquired video sharing site. It was reportedly a 3 minute 24 second parody of Mahatma Gandhi (I haven’t seen it).
The video reportedly shows Prasad clad in Gandhi’s attire, pole dancing and stripping for an audience. The video, called ‘Time to get sexy’, was uploaded a month ago.
It was definitely insulting enough to elicit angry protests from the Indian government and several Gandhians. India’s Information and Broadcasting Ministry has already banned the video in India. According to Tech 2, two Hindi news channels have also been issued a notice by Information and Broadcasting Ministry for showing the clip as part of its news telecast on the video controversy. I&B Minister PR Dasmunsi has also warned the Indian media against any attempt to copy or publish the clip.
Google, understanding the seriousness of the issue, has issued a statement saying: “We take matters such as this seriously and are currently reviewing the clip to determine the best course of action. These issues are complicated as the Internet is an international phenomenon. While technology can bring great opportunity and access to information globally, it can also present new and unique cultural challenges.”
This is not the first time Google getting into controversy in India. Last year, Google Earth came under fire for capturing India’s high security regions like Rashtrapathi Bhawan and other installations on the software which marries satellite images with maps.