Subscription iCal Calendars: Never Miss Another Movie

Ever wish you could have an application on your computer that would tell you when the latest movies, DVDs, and games were coming out? Or an easy way to add holidays to your iCal calendars? Probably not, but if I haven’t succeeded in piquing your interest in the slightest, you might as well leave.

In an attempt to better remind myself of upcoming entertainment-related events I’m interested in, I started making iCal reminders for all my favorites TV shows, movies I’m interested in seeing, and DVD releases. After doing it for a while, I had a mixed opinion. On the one hand, having my iPod beep whenever I’m about to miss the latest episode of Heroes is awesome. On the other hand, movies and DVD’s didn’t work so well. I had to first hear about them from another source, then add them to the calendar after finding out the release date. If only there was some sort of calendar I could subscribe to that would give me info on all the upcoming movies…

Like any internet-savvy consumer in this day and age, I turned to Google, and lo and behold, popped up. With a startling 4411 calendars hosted, it looked like this was the place. I pinpointed a DVD release calendar, a movie release calendar, a Mac games calendar (direct link, I couldn’t find it on the site), and a US holidays calendar. With a click, they were imported, and I was set to go. Every time you open iCal from here on out, they download new data from the server, making sure you’re always up to date.

Although perhaps not as productivity-boosting as Getting Things Done, or as mind-relieving as a to-do list, setting up calendars makes it easy to remember things you wouldn’t otherwise. Hm… at least one would think so, but looking at iCal tells me I missed Matt and Caleb’s birthdays this week. Oops. I guess I forgot to set alarms for those. At least thanks to iCal I can call them now and beg for forgiveness. My one wish for the subscription calendars is the ability to flag items, although it makes sense for it not to be editable, Apple could at least allow that.

(Anyone interested can check out my TV Shows Calendar, with times for a couple different comedies and dramas)


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