Macworld Roundup, Day Four


My fourth day on the Macworld show floor was really interesting. I got some answers that I was definitely looking for.

First off, I went to the AppZapper / Disco booth, to find out why people couldn’t see Disco’s smoke without burning a disc by launching the app while holding the shift key.

It turns out that Brian Ball was mistaken yesterday when he told me this tip, he was corrected today by Austin Sarner, who told me it was enabled only on a build they made specifically for demoing the smoke at expo. Sorry everybody.

I stopped by the Apple booth again to see if the Apple TV is really as slow as I remembered. Indeed it is, so I talked to an Apple product manager, who said he’d pass it on for me. Hopefully Apple TV 2.0 will correct this, although he did tell me that the Apple TV is not being manufactured yet, and that the Apple TVs on display were probably not 100% final, although he said he wasn’t sure on this.

Then I went to see a couple presentations at the Macworld booth.

The first was Macworld‘s Chris Breen interviewing two photographers and Rogue Amoeba‘s Paul Kafasis.

The second was a panel discussion with Chris Breen, Shawn King, TidBITSAdam Engst, and Jim Dalrymple.

I ended the day by taking some fisheye photos of Macworld. I’ll probably put some on flickr sometime soon.

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