Three Cool Torrent Tools

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It’s Friday, which means I’ll be keeping an eye on the VCD Quality index to see what new releases have appeared online. I also generally check in on the Mininova front page just to see what’s popular at the moment. But in the quest to improve my torrent downloading experience, I’ve happened across a couple of great tools in the last few days, and thought I would share.

  • Torrop: Yet another “Digg for [insert topic here],” this site needs a few thousand more users before it really becomes useful. But if you like Digg, and you like torrents, consider registering for an account and getting comfortable. The site makes it dead simple to submit and tag new torrents, download listed items, and leave comments.
  • TPB and IMDB Mashup: I probably spend more time, in the aggregate, on IMDB than I do on Wikipedia. It’s momentarily saved a relationship or two of mine just by settling disputes over obscure film facts. And with a simple Greasemonkey script, you can also use it as a front end for The Pirate Bay’s catalog of torrents.
  • Torrent Typhoon: Looking for a particularly hard to find torrent, but tired of clicking through a half dozen sites to find it? Torrent Typhoon’s meta-search of torrent trackers includes seven top sites, including TPB, Mininova and Torrentspy. There’s even a Firefox plugin to put Torrent Typhoon search right in your toolbar.

So whether you’re looking for something to watch on the laptop while the neanderthals are busy watching the NFL playoffs, or just to get you over the two days with no Netflix delivery this holiday weekend, now you can find it that much more easily.

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