Screencast: Quicksilver Catalogs


One of my new year’s resolutions was to try to do a screencast per week here on The Apple Blog. Second week into the year and I nearly blew that one! It’s just been a busy week, I emerge triumphant. (at least until I run out of ideas for screencasts…) However it was pretty late (as in the AM) and I was tired when I recorded this, so cut me a little slack if it’s not perfect this time.


Today’s screencast covers the Catalog in Quicksilver. The catalog is the part that determines what stuff on your system is accessible to you through Quicksilver’s interface. I touch on custom catalog creation and tweaking, as well as setting up access to your social bookmark accounts (though only and Ma.gnolia are currently supported through the plugins).

Please Note:
In the screencast, at about the 6:27 mark I expected that un-checking an item in the contents of a custom catalog would drop the count when rescanning that catalog. In reality, the count of that catalog item stays the same, but the items that have been unchecked are no longer searchable through Quicksilver.

So here it is:
It’s just shy of 41mb in size, and runs 9 minutes and 24 seconds.

If you’ve got questions, leave them below in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them promptly. Also, with my ambitious goal of a screencast a week, I’ll be needing ideas, so I welcome requests and ideas of things you’d like to see. Hit up the Contact Page and leave me your ideas. Thanks!



I think that all your screencasts are amazing and have been very helpful… but I would really love to know where you got the cool wallpaper featured in this video!


I’m having trouble getting the plugin. It just won’t appear. What am I possibly doing wrong?

Bicycle Catalogs

I think we might gain something from this website.

Seemingly its 100% automated, and its all instantly available for download. I think if we create ours in a similar fashion it might be a good foundation.

bicycle catalogs


Hi, Nick,

O/T, but: Regarding your menu bar what’s the thing that looks like a terminal? You didn’t cover that in What’s in your Menu Bar?.



A bit off topic, but what software are you using to make your screencasts? I’ve been looking for decent Mac screencast software lately and I can’t figure out what the best stuff is.

Nick Santilli

By all means! The more the merrier, and hopefully I’ll pick something up I didn’t already know.

But if you use more ‘ums’ than I do, we’re gonna take this outside…

Richard Neal

Nick, hope you don’t mind if I steal a bit of your thunder and do a few of my own Quicksilver screencasts, in the interest of covering things you haven’t gone over yet.

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