Open Thread: How Long Is Your Work Week?

FreshBooks president and CEO Mike McDerment muses about the length of his workweek on the FreshBooks blog. Mike says “you need to be refreshed to be effective” and that he feels passionate and productive under his current schedule. Let’s see what Mike’s refreshing and productive schedule looks like:

So how long is my work week these days? I usually get to my desk around 8:00 AM and leave around 7:00 PM. While I sometimes arrive earlier or later, I rarely work past 7:00 PM. I think it is important to have a clear and consistent end to your workday. So, I work about 11 hours per day (55 hours per week). Now, that does not include the .5-1 hour of reading I do (almost always business related) each night (3.5 hours per week). Nor does it include any errands I run after hours (office supplies, sending of documents, etc), nor the inevitable after hours phone call or two (2.5 hours a week there). Every Sunday night I spend about an hour planning my week and frequently (weekends and weeknights) I go for one to two hour walks where I just think about things (4 hours per week). I also spend about 3.5 hours a week on outside projects like mesh.

Then he adds up all those hours to come up with his average weekly hours… and the number’s pretty high!

Mike’s Work Week

55.0 hrs – driving the desk
2.5 hrs – running errands after hours
3.5 hrs – reading and professional development
1.0 hrs – Sunday night prepping my week
4.0 hrs – after hours time dedicated to thinking
3.5 hrs – outside projects
69.5 hrs – THE GRAND TOTAL

Almost 70 hours! But I bet more than a few web workers put in 60 or 70 hour weeks in pursuit of work they love and a paycheck that makes it all worthwhile.

How many hours do you work a week? How does it break down between desk work and thinking work, weekday work and weekend work? Have you found a balance that keeps you passionate and productive?

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