NYSE May Allows Real-Time Quotes; Google, CNBC To Provide Data Without Charge; WSJ.com To Sit out

The New York Stock Exchange plans test a program to allow real-time quotes to be published on financial info website with virtually no delay. If the proposal is approved by SEC, NYSE will sell to sites for $100,000 a month the ability to publish trade prices instantaneously. NYSE is keeping some data close to the vest, including the size of trades, and the quotes at which investors are willing to buy and sell shares.
Google and CNBC have both agreed to provide their NYSE data to users without charge, if the plan is approved, and NYSE has also held discussions with others such as Yahoo, the WSJ story says.
For years, exchanges such as the Big Board made that data available to investors with a delay, usually 15 to 20 minutes.
The NYSE pilot runs for a year. But not every media site will pay up for real-time quotes. Dow Jones’ sites WSJ.com and MarketWatch will not, saying there is not enough customer demand.
Nasdaq is also rolling out plans to make more real-time data available.