Motion LS800 Vista drivers end of January?


A Motion LS800 Tablet PC owner wrote to Motion to inquire about the availability of Vista drivers and received a response that indicates Motion hopes to have them ready by the end of this month.  Their response also points out that some of the drivers must come from the hardware component producers so it is up to those companies to provide them as well.  This should be good news for LS800 owners and I hope we start hearing similar statements from a lot of Tablet OEMs soon.  Especially Fujitsu.  :)


Grant Caley

I can’t wait for Vista Drivers for the LE1600. Whilst everything works, the wireless drivers hang when coming out of sleep, and then I get a BSOD, something about driver power state.

I think they’re waiting for intel though as they haven’t released drivers for the 2200BG yet.

Rob Bushway


doesn’t surprise me at all in regards to m1400 vista drivers. I don’t think toshiba is releasing m200 vista drivers, and there are plenty of other oems not providing vista drivers for older devices. spending energy on making 3 year old equipment compatible with vista is not wise in my opinion, and I don’t know of many companies that are going to do it either.

nothing out of place for motion to do that.


Motion Computing indicated to me that they will not ever release Vista drivers for the M1400 product. Their response? “Use XP”. I guess our replacement business will go anywhere but MC.

Dave Z

I guess I should have clarified a bit, eh? Tapping on the screen on the 1610 isn’t quite the same as tapping the screen on the Q1. I’m used to just lightly touching the screen with a fingertip on the Q1, an action which the 1610 happily ignores, since the “palm-rejection” technology also applies to fat greasy fingers. So you either need to use a fingernail or push hard enough with a finger to register – not by any means an unusable scenario, and I actually prefer it since that’s what keeps my handwriting nice and clean with no vectoring, but it’s just enough of a difference from the screen on the Q1 to throw you when you’re using both machines.

Aside from the screen sensitivity, the high resolution on the Fujitsu makes tapping on things with a finger tip a bit more challenging just because everything is a much smaller target. Again, just enough of a difference to throw you off your stride.

Given a choice between the two though, I’d take the Fujitsu screen over the Q1 hands-down.


Dave, why can’t you tap on the screen to close windows or launch apps? It is a touch screen.

Dave Z

I like it a lot. Unfortunately the company we ordered from screwed up our order and sent a unit with 512MB of RAM and then a separate 512MB stick, without knowing the product well enough to realize that it only has one slot – and 504MB of RAM (after 8MB goes to video) doesn’t quite cut it. Things get pretty slow once you start swapping on these 1.8″ drives.

I love the palm rejection technology, but it’s hard going back and forth between this and my Q1. I’ve gotten in the habit of not touching the screen when I write, and it’s hard going back to not worrying about it. And I keep forgetting that I can’t just tap the screen on the Fujitsu to close windows or launch apps. I love the higher resolution though, and it really makes me wish they would have gone with something higher as the UMPC standard.

I’ve been using the 1610 as my primary PC for several weeks now, and other than the needed RAM upgrade I’ve been very happy with it.

Dave Z

Bonus points to Motion for at least answering the question. I was flat out ignored when I tried asking the same thing of Samsung regarding the Q1. (boo, hiss for the crappy customer service, Samsung) Hopefully by the time the extra RAM arrivces for my company-owned P1610, Fujitsu will at least make an announcement as well.

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