iPhones unheralded feature- iThought

iPhone here, iPhone there, iPhone news everywhere.  No question the Apple announcement of the iPhone cast a pall over the CES in Vegas, and I’ll bet Steve Jobs is somewhere with a silly smirk still on his face over that.  One feature of the iPhone that I have not seen mentioned anywhere until today is the iThought feature.  Houston Chronicle blogger MeMo tells us all about iThought:

But maybe you don’t know about the iThought feature of the iPhone, which is the best part. It is a little icon shaped like a thought bubble, and it is pre-programmed to note the following:

– Grams of fiber consumed, past 8 hours (not counting office candy consumption)

– Number of times you used f-word, not counting when nobody can hear

– Your college boyfriend: Does he, on this day, look older or younger than you? (bar chart)

– Countdown (in days) to your annual performance review

– Break-up reminder (alert feature)

You’ll have to read the rest of her post to see all of the features of the iThought function on the iPhone.  :)

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