Google releases FUSE for OSX

Recently Google has announced a release of FUSE for OSX.

For those not familiar with FUSE, it means Filesystem in User Space. FUSE allows someone to implement a filesystem using the built-in API instead of having to write complex software to achieve the same goal. This should open up a lot of interesting possibilities such as a read/write FTP filesystem, or even a Gmail interface for browsing attachments as if they were local files.

From the announcement:

FUSE makes it possible to implement a very functional file system in a normal program rather than requiring a complex addition to the operating system. More importantly, the FUSE API is very easy to program for. The large number of interesting and/or useful FUSE file systems out there is a testament to this. An often-cited example of such a useful file system is sshfs, which until now was not available on Mac OS X.

I’ve followed this project under LInux for some time and am extremely excited to see it on the Mac finally. Great work Google!