Fun hanging with Kevin at the CES


Ces_2007_036Kevin Tofel and I have worked together on various projects for probably 3 years now and it may surprise some that our meeting at the CES this past week was only the second time we’ve ever met up.  In fact, prior to the CES trip we’ve probably only spent about 4 hours in the same room.  It was a blast hanging out with Kevin for a week in Vegas, we have a certain chemistry that is even more evident in person.  OK, no snide remarks about that statement.  It was definitely the high point of the trip for me and I am very glad we had a chance to geek out in person.  I don’t have to tell you what a great addition to jkOnTheRun Kevin has been, that is self-evident.  Just know that he’s as great a guy for real as he is on the site.  He’s also much shorter than I remembered.  :)


Dennis Rice

Well, CES was the target, but Warner did a lot of contact with the ladies, and his wife was even there.

What a man ………

Kevin M.

Nice XM… thing, James. Too bad this year really didn’t have any new innovations from them.

John in Norway

Were you guys covering CES or the pornography exhibition that followed it?


Kevin, what ever happened to your Q1? I just picked up the Q1P last Saturday and got to say its a great machine was using the Fujitsu T4020. Any one know if there is some software to make the Q1 less senstive like the P1610. Great Coverage of the CES keep up the good work.


That “club” was actually a dinner theater and Warner got pulled into the performance.

Andrew Forde

Warner will start to get a reputation at this rate… I saw the picture of him in that club! Now hugging team members!! :)

Kevin C. Tofel

Well I just flew in from Vegas and BOY are my arms tired! Seriously, I just booted up the home office desktop and saw this post as well as the comments. I’m thrilled beyond words to get this medium for sharing my thoughts and for working with a mobile tech expert like James.
As far as the “chemistry” goes; it’s not what you think. I only got hugs from Marc Orchant and Warner Crocker on the trip. ;)

Mel Buckpitt

The chemistry must be strong; have you seen what it did to your mustache ;)

Thank you both for providing me with your opinions and insight from CES you have been my first port of call to get the details on what is going on and that last MOTR was a blast.

Dennis Rice

Funny how all this virtual team thing works isn’t it? We all spend so many hours working on the same team and have no idea of we really like each other or not. Glad to know you guys got past that point!

The GottaBeMobile team bonded as well in Vegas as well. Try staying in a hotel room with 4 guys until 3:30 in the morning having team talk, producing videos, and “bonding”. That will do it every time. Not enough desks, so we shared a bed at times.

Uhhh, that didn’t come out right I don’t think….

Dave Zatz

CES was a blast! I’m exhausted and way behind in my writing, but I think we should all do it again next month.

Philip Ferris

Sumocat – if they do and we don’t…is it a blessing or a curse?

JK said: ” He’s also much shorter than I remembered. :)”

Maybe all that running around CES has worn him down ;)

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