Fun hanging with Kevin at the CES

Ces_2007_036Kevin Tofel and I have worked together on various projects for probably 3 years now and it may surprise some that our meeting at the CES this past week was only the second time we’ve ever met up.  In fact, prior to the CES trip we’ve probably only spent about 4 hours in the same room.  It was a blast hanging out with Kevin for a week in Vegas, we have a certain chemistry that is even more evident in person.  OK, no snide remarks about that statement.  It was definitely the high point of the trip for me and I am very glad we had a chance to geek out in person.  I don’t have to tell you what a great addition to jkOnTheRun Kevin has been, that is self-evident.  Just know that he’s as great a guy for real as he is on the site.  He’s also much shorter than I remembered.  :)


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