Apple iPhone- AT&T is the big winner?

Let’s talk about the Apple iPhone announcement for a minute, since nobody else is.  I’ve been following the news like everybody else and got to wondering who is the big winner since the product announcement?

Apple is obviously a big winner since everybody on the planet has stated they plan to get one in June.

Cisco may be a big winner if the lawyers get their way.

iPod accessory makers may be a big winner since it’s reported that the iPhone has the same connector as the iPod.

Cingular is definitely a big winner since they have an exclusive deal with Apple to provide the iPhone service.

But the biggest winner of all in my opinion is AT&T.  Why AT&T?  Remember they merged with BellSouth and got Cingular in the bargain, in fact the handing off of Cingular to AT&T takes place next week.  Talk about being in the right place at the right time!  For this reason I am naming AT&T as the biggest winner of all in the iPhone hoopla.  Apple may make a mint selling iPhones but AT&T is going to be signing all of those owners up for service, probably with a two year commitment.  Expect AT&T stock to soar when the iPhone starts shipping.


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