Apple iPhone- AT&T is the big winner?


Let’s talk about the Apple iPhone announcement for a minute, since nobody else is.  I’ve been following the news like everybody else and got to wondering who is the big winner since the product announcement?

Apple is obviously a big winner since everybody on the planet has stated they plan to get one in June.

Cisco may be a big winner if the lawyers get their way.

iPod accessory makers may be a big winner since it’s reported that the iPhone has the same connector as the iPod.

Cingular is definitely a big winner since they have an exclusive deal with Apple to provide the iPhone service.

But the biggest winner of all in my opinion is AT&T.  Why AT&T?  Remember they merged with BellSouth and got Cingular in the bargain, in fact the handing off of Cingular to AT&T takes place next week.  Talk about being in the right place at the right time!  For this reason I am naming AT&T as the biggest winner of all in the iPhone hoopla.  Apple may make a mint selling iPhones but AT&T is going to be signing all of those owners up for service, probably with a two year commitment.  Expect AT&T stock to soar when the iPhone starts shipping.


Roger Smith

iPhone is available with Cingular ONLY!? And what if I am stuck under contract with a carrier OTHER than Cingular but still want a iPhone?
Well, the only solution I could fine was – they get you out of any cell phone contract!

Paul J Shadwell

It’s been announced that the iPhone will arrive in Europe at the end of 2007. It’ll be interesting to see who the carrier will be here since Cingular doesn’t exist outside of the US (as far as I know). Does anyone know if there is a SIM slot on the iPhone?
I would expect (or at least hope) to see that all the issues slated at the launch will be resolved by the time we see it.

Mel Buckpitt

I don’t disagree with your analysis but the other big winner might be the mobile phone market and therefore us. If the other manufacturers react positively to Apple’s entry into their space by revising their design strategies & processes the devices offered in the market can only get better. To illustrate my case just take a look at how iriver is responding to the ipod.

Tim Marman

I agree, though I don’t think this affects iPod accessories makers that much since the iPhone install base will be much smaller than the existing iPod install base.


I was wondering who’d get the Apple phone. If Cingular service was better where I live (about an hour North of NYC) I’d switch from Verizon just to get the iPhone. Unfortunately even though Verizon never gets the cool stuff, the service has been rock-solid for me.


I wonder how much Apple got from Cingular for the exclusive rights. Depending on the deal, Cingular may need to acquire quite a few of new customers to see a real profit. Fortunately for them, it appears that will happen.

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