64 GB SATA flash hard drive from PQI



Let the SSD flash hard drive wars begin! Engadget picked up on a PQI press release that announced a 64 GB Solid State Disk (SSD) flash-based hard drive. The 2.5-inch drive has a fast SATA interface for up to 100 MBps (that’s megabytes, not megabits, people) but mum’s the word on price. On the horizon, we’ll see SSD drives in 128 Gigabytes of storage capacity; PQI expects us to see them this year, in fact!

64 GB might be the capacity that starts to gain notice for these drives, especially in smaller handheld computing devices and notebooks. Price will continue to be a factor, but bear in mind that Samsung and SanDisk are already in this market; more competition should mean lower prices sooner.


Jose Suarez

Well say good bye to old school magnetic disks, I’m geting one of them Ultra Fast hard drives, this means less memory is comsumed but it can be up to 6 times faster thant the average hard drive, so if you have let’s say 128Mb Ram and your OS is paging your hard driver, you wolud see a little diference in system performance, but if you page in a Magnetic disk hard drive you wolud se terrible system performance, let’s wait a few years until HD Flash drives become more popular, simmilar to what PCI-E did to AGP, Rest In Peace AGP…

Dave Gray

Okay, really dumb question here…but, humor me. Any reason why I couldn’t at some point swap out the oem HD for one of these super-fast SSD drives on the new Fuji P1610? Is it that easy, or am I missing something?

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