XBox Domination: 360 Double PS3 Sales


The next generation console battle comes down to the 360 and PS3, because both consoles are trying to be the all-in-one media device for the living room that offers high definition gaming and movies at a (sort of) reasonable price. The Nintendo Wii was also launched this year, but is going for a completely different audience – one more focused on gameplay than glitz. So, of the two competitors in the main race, who came out ahead?

Microsoft by a landslide.

David Riley, Senior Marketing Manager with the NPD Group, a global marketing and retail statistics firm, sent us the December 2006 sales numbers, and of the consoles, Microsoft dominated. According to the numbers, the Microsoft XBox 360 sold 1.1 million units in December as compared to 490,700 units sold for the PS3. What could be the cause of such a discrepancy?

Of course, the PS3 launched with low initial stock shipments, but according to Jack Tretton, President and CEO of SCEA, there have been a million PS3s shipped to the U.S., which doesn’t explain why the total PS3 sales up to December 2006 capped at 687,300 unless the system hadn’t completely sold out. The real issue is probably one more of cost than availability. Either way, Microsoft has to be pleased with this.

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