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Where to Make Money Off Your Video

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With Dovetail joining the club of sites that promise to pay you for your video content, I decided to look around for a list of places for media makers looking to distribute their work and get paid. Online video isn’t going to see many professional productions until, well, you can become a professional at producing online video.

Thankfully, waiting for Carson Daly to swoop down and give you a development deal isn’t the only way to make you work pay. Scott Kirsner, author of The Future of Web Video, maintains such a list. Everyone from Atom to Current TV are listed, with terms and notes. He keeps it updated as new offerings emerge, such as Amazon adding CustomFlix titles to their Unbox service.

One method not yet listed is AdBrite’s new InVideo player. It’s just a player, but a player that you can brand yourself, links back to your site and that pays you when other people embed your video on their pages. AdBrite’s founder Phillip Kaplan explains it better than I can in his rockin’ video (above).

But automated ad software isn’t the only way. Two ways anyone can work a revenue stream into their projects are advertising and merchandising. The old television practice of sponsors underwriting programs could prove successful again, with hosts reading ads aloud into the camera for an old-timey touch. And one of my favorite sites, Homestar Runner, pays for itself and its creators’ time entirely through trinkets and t-shirts.

Or you can wait for a network to come calling with a job offer. Up to you.

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