Tablet Kiosk’s new Sahara Slate PCs



We met over lunch with the Tablet Kiosk folks yesterday and they’ve got some exciting news. Availability of their new Sahara line of slate PCs is just weeks away and all of the product specs and details are on their site. Gail Levy from Tablet Kiosk explained that there are three models in the new Sahara line: the i412T, i440T and i440D; each of which weighs a tad over three pounds. Based on what Gail told us, these three models should provide something for everyone if you’re looking for a new slate….

Let’s give a quick rundown on the basics, starting with the lower end i412T:

  • Only one of the three models that runs on the Intel Celeron M (1.2 GHz)
  • Supports up to 2 Gigabytes of memory
  • Drive size is customizable up to 160 GB at 5400 RPM
  • 12.1-inch XGA passive wide-angle touchscreen
  • Intel 945 GM Express chipset
  • Fingerprint reader and TPM
  • Four customizable hardware buttons on the right front

The i440T builds upon those specs and runs on a heftier Intel Core Duo processor at 1.83 GHz while the i440D does the same and also adds a active digitizer, which is most unique. The i440D can operate in either passive touch mode or active digitizer mode; just flip a switch and operate in the mode of your choice! This type of solution could change my mind on the "touchscreen revelation" I had this week.

Oh and if there weren’t enough choices to make in life, these babies can be ordered with Vista, XP Tablet Edition or Linux depending the model and features you need. These sweet looking slates are beautiful to look at: rounded corners, well sized buttons and a clean, simple design. We saw a docking port on the back of Gail’s unit, but it’s possible that the accessories might follow behind the product launch by a bit. Once we can get additional details or borrow a unit, we’ll be sure to put out an update and get some more pics and video.


Ed G

Now we’re talking. This is the machine I’ve been waiting for. Cool feature with pen and touch combined. Did you try programming the buttons?

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